Troy Adams is known as
"king of the jocks" and "alpha bully". Troy's Gang instantly targets Duncan. He and Jenna used to date, but he just doesn't understand that their relationship is in the past tense.


Troy was first seen when Duncan was walking to school and he and his gang drove by and cat called Jenna, who was also on her way to school. He then mocked Duncan for his appearance, to the amusement of his gang.


Troy is shown to be very arrogant, sexist, and narcissistic. He likes to bully those who are of a lower social status than himself, like Kenny. As stated by the principle, Try has a habit of getting into trouble and is in the principle's office a lot. Over all, his personality is that of an arrogant jock that usually gets his way.


He is a broad boy, with a large muscular build. He has brown hair and brown eyes.