Kaijus are ancient species of gigantic creatures and beings that are older than mankind,they come in diffrent shapes,sizes and abilities ,here are some of the main protagonists or antagonists of the series. Notable Kaiju are Belloc "King of the Kaiju" and his son Duncan, half-human and half-Kaiju.

  • Some other Kaijus are  :
  • 1.Unknown creature,
  • 2.Unknown creature,
  • 3.Unknown creature and twin brothers ,Abbadon and Astaroth Kaijus.
  • The twin Kaiju brothers are not happy that there king has chosen a half human to suceed him and they will refuse to bow to Duncan without a fight.
  • They are also brothers.
  • There are other few Kaijus that are further smaller than there biger cousinis like frog like Kaijus or a hybrid Kaiju-Human Duncan.
  • Kaijus were and still are enemies of MEGATF the Earths secreat goverment organization that fights Kaijus but also keeps in this modern time for the sake of the world peace in the case of Kaiju King Belloc marriying human female Margaret and having first kaiju-human hybrid Duncan.

Kaijus are described in both comics and in movie as gigantic monstrous beings that once millions of years ago ruled Earth and want to congure it again,they resied in there underground kingdom and they are ruled Belloc King of Kaiju.

The orgin of Kaijus is tolled by Belloc to his son Duncan in comics right before his death,in wich he says that Kaijus were actully of Alien origin and that those robots that Duncan fought were aso of Alien origin,and that in past of Earth the Alien creators of Kaijus tryded to extermenied them but Belloc waged war with them,but what happend to Aliens after that event or from were are they is unknown.

Belloc King of Kaiju Duncan
2.Unknown Kaiju
Kaiju 2
3.unknown Kaiju
Kaiju 3
1.Unknown Kaiju
Gomarradon Frog Kaijus
Kaiju 4