Belloc Rosenblatt
[[Belloc (bipedal form)|250px]]
King of the Dragons/Kaiju
Gender Male
Race Kaiju
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Status Alive
Relative(s) Duncan Rosenblatt (son)

Margaret Rosenblatt (ex-wife)

Voice Actor Kevin Michael Richardson
First Appearance Firebreather
Last Appearance Firebreather

Belloc is the king of an ancient race of monsters known as Kaiju, the father of Duncan Rosenblatt and the ex-husband of Margaret Rosenblatt.



Belloc is a cruel dragon, even mercilessly throwing Duncan, his own son in a lava lake Kaiju use to activate their powers in full. Although at time harsh, he has been shown to care deeply for his son, willing to give his own life to protect him. As king of the Kaiju, he's hard, ruthless, and willing to do almost anything to win. In the movie at least, it is shown that he does care at least somewhat about Margaret and Duncan on a more emotional basis since he did save Margaret's life after Duncan started the avalanche and let himself be captured to keep an eye on Duncan. It should also be noted that he let Duncan be raised by his mother.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Belloc has many powers, such as:

  • Fire breathing: Belloc can breath fire.
  • Super Strength: His strength is far superior to that of any human.
  • Shapeshifting: He has the ability to transform his body into a quadrupedal form (to travel at speeds greater than his bipedal form.)
  • Super durability: His own durability is also far greater than that of any human, being able to break through an energy bearer while only being briefly stunned for only a few seconds while it easily destroyed a tank.


  • It is unknown how Belloc and Margaret conceived their son.
    • Belloc also has no visible male genitalia, but Margaret said could not have been simpler how they mated - implying that Belloc may be able to take a human form, like Duncan.
  • He still has feelings for Margaret, as he is happy to see her and also righteously saved her from the twin Kaiju brothers.